Jewelers Fairview Park, OH

Providing Cleveland with fine jewelry and unmatched service for over 50 years, Jewelers Fairview Park, OH West offers a wide selection of jewelry, watches, and gifts, as well as repair services. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff places the highest priority on your satisfaction. We provide help along every step of your decision, from selecting the perfect piece of jewelry or gift to appraising, wrapping, and shipping your purchase.


We take pride in the jewelry we sell because it is made from high quality materials and it is well-made. Our merchandise is hand-picked to offer you the most lasting beauty for your money, and we make sure to have many selections available for any budget and every sense of style. Make sure to check out our estate jewelry case for unique pieces both old and new and unbelievable deals. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for when you come in, we are happy to help you create the piece of your dreams. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll order mountings and loose stones to suit your individual needs.

Gift ware

A large selection of Waterford crystal is always in stock, along with collections from Orrefors and Kosta Boda. We offer baby gifts from Reed and Barton, clocks and watches by Seiko, and Lladro figurines, as well as many other gifts for any occasion. We’re happy to provide complimentary gift wrapping and can ship your purchase to out-of-town friends and family.

Repair services

Watch and jewelry repairs are double-checked before they are returned to ensure they’re perfect when you pick them up. We’ll call you as soon as they’re ready. We also offer appraisals, priced by the time they take, not the value of the item. Watch band adjustments, batteries, and many minor repairs can be done while you wait.

Buying a Diamond

Recommended GIA Certified

Take the stress out of buying diamonds. It’s okay if you’re new to the process – let our helpful staff give you a hand! Jewelers Fairview Park, OH has been in the industry for four generations. We have the expertise to help you make a well-informed first diamond purchase.

The “Four Cs” of diamonds

Carat weight

Trust a company that’s been a part of the industry for over 85 years.

Fine diamonds

Though diamonds are generally the most valued of gems, there are many different aspects that play into a diamond’s value. Diamonds are evaluated with four guidelines.

Get diamond-buying assistance from our staff!

Find the perfect engagement ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse can feel like a lot of pressure! You’ll have all the guidance you need when you visit our store. We’ll lead you to rings that are within your budget and suit the style you’re looking for. If you don’t know which style would be best, take the pressure off of yourself and trust Jewelers Fairview Park, OH to lead you to the perfect ring.

Jewelry Gold

Pick up a high-quality gold or gem piece with your next visit to Jewelers Fairview Park, OH. We work with trusted suppliers so that there is never a shortage of options for any budget! Enjoy our commitment to excellence by finding a great piece of jewelry every time you stop in.

Award-winning brands

Check out a couple of our most trusted and innovative jewelry manufacturers!



Find gold and gems for any budget!

Hand-selected jewelry

Every single item of jewelry in our store has been hand-selected by our staff for both quality and style. Get the best in the area at Jewelers Fairview Park, OH! Visit us today!

Jewelry Cleaning

Keep your jewelry shining brightly! Any time you visit, you’re welcome to have us clean and check your jewelry for any needed repairs while you’re here.

Silver Jewelry

Get silver and pearls that are both subtle and make a statement! View our selection of fine silver and pearl jewelry from excellent brands at Jewelers Fairview Park, OH. If you need guidance in selecting a piece of jewelry, ask our friendly staff for help. We are happy to help you find the perfect piece.

Pearl jewelry

Make a classic statement with gorgeous pearl items — from necklaces to accent rings. The Imperial-Delta selection pearls will dazzle you with pearls in many colors, including classic white.

Find something beautiful, no matter what your style is. We have something for everyone!

Silver items

If you’re looking for a piece of silver jewelry that will make a statement, consider the silver items offered by Elle! Stay current with high-quality silver items.

Get custom jewelry builds with us!

Customized jewelry

If you don’t find the exact jewelry item you’re looking for, consider having custom jewelry created! We can create custom items, including silver, pearls, and more.


Find the perfect decoration for your wrist! Jewelers Fairview Park, OH carries great, diverse charms for use on different kinds of bracelets. For those who prefer a simpler piece of jewelry, we have high-quality watches that will make you look great while keeping you on time.

High-tech watches

If you’re looking for something high-tech, yet attractive; get a Citizen watch with us! Never require a new watch battery again! We have Citizen watches for both men and women.

Beautiful charms

Switch out the charms on your necklace or bracelet with a Rembrandt Charms! If you have jewelry that is made of beads, consider the Reflections charm beads we offer.

Watch repairs

If you’re interested in restoring an heirloom timepiece of your own, check out our repairs page! You’ll get maintenance for your watch to keep it running and make sure it stands the test of time.

Jewelry Repairs

Don’t get rid of your jewelry prematurely. It may still have years of life ahead! Jewelers Fairview Park, OH will take a look at any damaged jewelry items you bring to us and complete the appropriate repairs to make it look as good as new.

Jewelry cleaning

Sometimes, your jewelry items may just need a simple cleaning to shine their brightest! Bring in any jewelry item for a quick and easy cleaning when you visit us.

Damage prevention

The best way to prevent warping and damage in jewelry is to bring it in to be checked every several years. Making sure it’s looking and functioning its best will prevent future damage in years to come.

Get it fixed – every repair is guaranteed!

Minor and major repairs

If you just need a helping hand untangling a necklace chain or replacing a watch battery, we can complete the repair while you’re standing in our shop! For more extensive repairs, please be ready to leave your jewelry item with us for a few days. Our experienced goldsmith will take care to restore your item and get it back to looking like new.

Custom Jewelry

Create a custom masterpiece out of your jewelry! If you are looking for something unique you can’t find anywhere else, or would like to restore a piece of family history back to perfection, Jewelers Fairview Park, OH is here to help! Visit our store to start your custom jewelry plan today.

Build new jewelry

If you want to start from scratch and create a totally new, unique piece of jewelry, we can do that, too! Our expert goldsmiths can create your perfect ring, necklace, or bracelet.

Restore heirlooms

Transform a family heirloom into something new and beautiful. By making an old jewelry item into a new one, you can carry on your family history in style.

Get jewelry that is fully guaranteed!

Create your one-of-a-kind piece today!

Creating your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece starts with a lot of choices! When you visit us, browse through our large catalog of mountings and stones. You can also modify a piece of jewelry you see in one of our cases! Stop in today to get started!


Since the 1930s, Jewelers Fairview Park, OH has been providing service in downtown Cleveland. In 1949, Jewelers Fairview Park, OH expanded the business to a location in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland. Our current and only store has been in the Fairview Shopping Centre since the 1950s.

We support

Hand-picked merchandise

Because we want our customers to have the highest quality selection of jewelry to choose from, our owners and staff hand-select each piece of jewelry you see in the store.

Items for every budget

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with jewelry for all budgets, both big and small. Our helpful staff is ready to help you make your selections!

Get fully guaranteed jewelry repairs!

Jewelry with a legacy

After many moves and store expansions, our current location is operated by Jewelers Fairview Park, OH, making us a family-owned and operated business for over 85 years! Visit our store today to see why our business has stood the test of time.

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